www.chapman.edu/admission/undergraduate/how-to-apply/transfer/index.aspx www.chapman.edu/students/tuition-and-aid/financial-aid/ course licences listed in the use of Research Transfer Authorizations does not crowd out credit restrictions or transfer directives. It is recommended that current students check the transmission capacity of the course before taking a transfer course, even if it is in the previously approved course list. To request permission, send an email to school and course information at articulation@chapman.edu. Representatives from different four-year colleges are available to meet with students at the transfer centre. Students have the opportunity to learn about academic requirements and general information about higher education. Below are links to different universities that outline course requirements for chaffey students. Find out what courses to take at Chaffey College before moving on to the desired university. ASSIST is the storage location for agreements between Chaffey and CSU/UC schools. The agreements allow students to take the necessary courses at Chaffey College without having to repeat them at their four-year university. For any inquiries regarding credit portability, admission requirements or special transfer questions, please email transfers@chapman.edu. You can also make an appointment to speak with a Chapman representative.

Chapman offers campus tours for students and families. These tours are offered twice a day, from Monday to Friday (except public holidays). Campus tours are 90 minutes through our Orange campus and dormitories run by a current student, followed by a 30-minute information meeting led by a member of the admissions team and covering the application process. To register, please visit www.chapman.edu/visit. We also offer guided tours of the Dodge College of Film and Media Arts, the Musco Center for the Arts, and our dance center. Chapman University needs official transcripts to update students` academic records. All scientific work that is attempted in other institutions must be reported. Please have official transcripts (sealed/unalted) mailed to: Chapman University Attn: Office of the University Registrar One University Drive Orange, CA 92866 Official electronic transcripts should be sent directly by the host institution to the following address: articulation@chapman.edu. Emails transmitted with electronic transcripts are not accepted as official. Please note that unsealed transcripts or transmitted electronic transcripts are considered unofficial. The reassessment of the transfer work is carried out at the request of the student. The application should include the course program.

Requests for re-evaluation are sent to articulation@chapman.edu. Chapman University (articulation@chapman.edu) articulation staff determine the transferability of course work done at other institutions in Chapman, as outlined in the university`s guidelines and guidelines, as outlined in the catalog. These policies and policies are also available on the Transfer Credit Policies and Guidelines website. Thinking about moving to Chapman University? Please visit our transfer admission page. Interested students collaborate with the admissions office for transfer requests….