Dear Carlo, It is best to follow your friend`s advice, because an offer of compromise, especially in criminal matters, can have a negative impact on your case. Certainly, section 27, Rule 130 of the court settlement provides that an offer of compromise from the accused is considered a tacit admission of guilt, namely: d. This agreement is a compromise of a contentious matter and should not be construed as an admission of liability by a party. It would seem that the same is true if your brother was the one who personally made the offer of compromises for and for you. After the case of People vs. Dominador Manzano (GR L-38449; November 25, 1982; Ponente: Former Assistant Judge Juvenal Guerrero), the Supreme Court has decided that the offer of the parents of an accused can also be admitted as a tacit admission of guilt by the accused himself, to say that the parties agree that the approval of this agreement by the court should put an end to this dispute. , with the exception of execution in the event of a delay. “Section 27. The offer of compromise is not admissible. – In civil matters, an offer of compromise is not an admission of liability and is not admissible in the evidence against the supplier. The application of the above by analogy to your case, be it your brother or your parents, any offer of compromise for and on your behalf can indeed be taken as an admission of your debt on the basis of the legal authorities mentioned above.

To my surprise, they accused me of robbery, which is now being tried. Fortunately, my brother from the United States wanted to help me and asked if I could just ask the company to compromise in the criminal proceedings by allowing him to pay for the value of the lost equipment, so I have no criminal record. My friend doesn`t want me to make a compromise offer. Can I ask my brother to offer it on my behalf? Carlo e. This agreement was the result of a negotiated solution and should not be construed as being prepared by a party. “It is true that Demetrio Braganza, mayor of Mabini, advised the accused`s mother to settle the case amicably, as confirmed by Councillor Zozimo Ariston, a witness for the prosecution. But the fact is that the parents of the accused took steps to address the parents of the insulted party in order to find a possible compromise solution. And according to the rules, an offer of compromise can be accepted as a tacit admission of guilt. f. When action is taken to enforce the provisions of this agreement, the dominant party is authorized to recover legal fees.