Bay Path University has admissions agreements and special joint programs to schedule agreements with many local community colleges, allowing for an easy transition from a two-year college to Bay Path. STCC is proud to offer a series of transfer contracts with dozens of 4-year colleges and universities. Many agreements use the MassTransfer- or Commonwealth Commitment programs, which provide flawless channels and financial incentives for the most affordable university education. Others are based on academic interests or pathways to a private institution of 4 years. STCC College Presidents Dr. John B. Cook and Charter Oak`s Ed Klonoski signed an articulation agreement on Thursday, March 30, at a ceremony at STCC`s Scibelli Hall. A newly signed agreement will allow students to move seamlessly from Springfield Technical College to Charter Oak State College`s online Health Information Management program, which prepares graduates to work in a fast-growing field. “We are very pleased to be working with springfield Technical Community College on such an important work program,” said Klonoski. “Making credit transfer simple and fluid for students is what Charter Oak was created, and this articulation transfer agreement is an example of our efforts to give students the opportunity to obtain skills tailored to the needs of the workforce.” The agreement allows STCC graduates with an associate degree in health information technology or medical billing and coding at STCC to transfer up to 87 credits to Charter Oak`s Health Information Management Program.

Students who are interested in a law school after graduation can apply for the unique 3/3 program, a partnership between Bay Path University and the Western New England University School of Law. This program offers students the opportunity to move to law school immediately after graduating from the University of New England. To be eligible, students must complete at least 30 hours of credit for a bachelor`s degree at Bay Path. Click here for more information and articulation agreement. Save money for an excellent university education starting with STCC! These agreements and transfer channels have been carefully developed to help students prevent (or minimize) the indebtedness of higher education institutions, while expanding access to universities and universities by four years. Bay Path University and Springfield Technical Community College (STCC) recognize that for many students, the path to a bachelor`s degree at a community college can begin. This agreement recognizes this importance and is formed to enable the smooth transfer of Springfield Technical College graduates to The Bay Path University Bachelor Program. Intent to Enroll Form – Additional material: Sign up for one of the community colleges in the joint program. Then inform your Community College Transfer Advisor as soon as possible that you are interested in the Joint Admissions Program with Western New England University. Then close the application for joint authorization. The Joint Admissions Program is offered in collaboration with Berkshire, Greenfield, Holyoke and Springfield Technical community colleges.

The program is designed to facilitate the transfer of students who obtain an associate degree to a particular community school. Participating students must obtain an average average of at least 2.3 (based on a scale of 4.0 in one of the designated majors) and obtain either the associated diploma or at least sixty (60) semester hours. Students are subject to the same transfer credit restrictions that apply to traditional applicants. Students who are Phi Theta Kappa are entitled to an additional 2000 $US. To meet the bay path admission requirements, participating students must earn money: – The scholarship is based on the scholarship values available at the time of registration; As a result, the amounts may be larger.