Zagat Inc. enters into an agreement on March 1, 2020 for the sale of Werner Metal`s aluminum linen. As part of the agreement, Zagat also agrees to repurchase the bullion on May 1, 2020 at an initial sale price of $200,000 plus 2%. Boca Raton, FL (Restaurant News Release) Sun Capital Partners, Inc. (“Sun Capital”), a leading private equity firm specializing in debt buybacks and investments in leading companies, announced today that a subsidiary has signed an agreement to take its stake in Captain D`seafood Restaurant (“Captain D`s” or “The Company”), a first fast-fishing restaurant, in Centre Partners , a private leader in the medium-selling market. The terms of the private transaction were not disclosed. On March 1, 2014, Zagat Inc. entered into an agreement to sell Werner Metal`s aluminum lingts in 2 months. As part of the agreement, Zagat also agrees to reallocate the bullion in 60 days at the initial sale price of $200,000 plus 2%. (Zagat has an unconditional obligation to repurchase the bullion for more than the original sale price, so the transaction will be considered financing.) Sun Capital has strong restaurant experience through the current Boston Market affiliate, a fast casual restaurant that serves high-quality, value-for-money home-to-home meals at more than 460 locations nationwide; Smokey Bones Barbeque – Grill, a full-service bar and barbecue restaurant that operates 65 sites in 17 states; Bar Louie Restaurants, a neighborhood bar and restaurant with more than 70 locations in the United States; Fazoli`s, the high-end Italian restaurant, took second place among the major national fast food chains in the prestigious Zagat Survey. B) Prepare the newspaper entry for the bullion buyback on May 1, 2014. A: Note: As we are allowed to respond up to 3 sub-parts, we respond to the first 3.

Please submit again… A: Gross margin is the income that the business, after deducting the cost of goods sold by the company. c. The amount of cash transferred by the recipient. A: Loss reports: losses from the previous year can be carried forward to the… Q: In the first year of operation (year 1), Willow Corp. (a Company C) reports a loss for… Prior to the acquisition, Captain D had suffered for several years with comparable branch sales declining.

Following the acquisition by a subsidiary of Sun Capital, the management team quickly strengthened and several rapid improvements were made to the business, including the introduction of new financial controls, a robust procurement process and better work management. The company has also been able to transform the customer experience through a new restaurant-design, revise the menu with innovative new items, improve the quality of food and increase the value customers receive for their meal.