Applications involving a troubled sale or a sale and repurchase of leasing are not acceptable. In the case of apartments located in a building with no more than 4 apartments, in which the client owns an apartment for rent and who is also the exclusive owner of the entire building, our mortgage must be registered in both the property right and the rental right. The property must meet minimum criteria. It must be habitable, easy to sell, structurally sound and able to organize real estate insurance on it. We do not offer storage. We will not make a valid offer until all work deemed essential by the Valuer has been completed and confirmed as satisfactory. We can continue if the condo of the entire building is pawned by the plaintiff to us and: If the apartment has a rental element, you should make sure that they buy the rental rights and a share of the property. Basic rents for properties built before 2005 are acceptable as long as they are reasonable for the duration of the rental: units with balconies/access to the ceiling inside the block are not acceptable. All apartments must have a minimum living area of 30m 2 (without balconies or terraces). We may consider properties with Japanese Knotweed subject to expertise that must be made available to the appraiser.

. These may be considered subject to the evaluator`s comments. Rental properties must have an unserated minimum term of 70 years for the start of the mortgage and 30 years for the withdrawal of mortgages. Condominiums that do not meet the above criteria are unacceptable. When it is called Category 3 or 4, a full report and a detailed treatment plan are presented. Level 1 of the treatment plan must be supplemented with a 10-year insurance guarantee before TSB plans to lend. In the case of a walk-up block, the property of the object must not be above the 3rd floor (floor plus three). The studios are acceptable throughout Britain, subject to feedback from the evaluator and a minimum living space of 30m2 (excluding balconies or terraces). The maximum number of floors acceptable for TSB in a former communal block is 6 storeys (ground plus 5). Higher blocks are unacceptable. This also applies to Scottish plexes and rental homes. Acceptance of real estate is based on a satisfactory valuation report of the bank`s designated valuer.

Non-standard construction is judged on individual merits. Some concrete pre-moulding (PRC) structures are classified as defective and can only be described as repaired then. All home security must have adequate access, which should not be carried out by a commercial building. If the proposed security is a dwelling next to the Oder above the land, the commercial land cannot belong to the same person, as this would have legal consequences in the event of withdrawal. Real estate above, near or near the premises may be permitted subject to the following conditions: these properties are always subject to the advice of the appraiser and, if refused, there is no right of appeal. Solar panel lease agreements are now acceptable in a directive, subject to meeting our minimum requirements. . The property must be easy to sell and should not have a solitary condo within a rental block of the local authority. The property must be built by default.

Our estate Management Charge criteria, according to the assessment and insurance are available on standard terms, is as follows: There is no maximum number of floors that allow an elevator on the floor of the subject property. Basic rents for real estate built since January 2005 are subject to the criteria mentioned above, plus a ceiling: real estate located above convenience stores/small supermarkets are acceptable.