This comprehensive guide has been fully updated to cover seven years of big changes – which have virtually changed the credit market as we knew it. It offers everything you need to deal with these new developments, including what you need to pay attention to in large sponsored deals, the rise of “Covenant Lite” deals for corporate borrowers who want fewer covenant restrictions, Yankee loans, other products from globalization, and other product developments fueled by the diversification of the investor class. Inter-institutional loans continue to be issued and exchanged, and business credit remains a flourishing practice. These activities focus on the credit agreement, a complex document that is often an obstacle, even for the professionals and support staff who work there on a daily basis. From the definition of contractual conditions to the management of defaults, contracts and competitive offers, this comprehensive reference tool opens the heart and soul of the credit market to institutional investors and professionals in financial and corporate credit companies. The operating staff responsible for the execution and management of credit agreements will find it invaluable. Structuring and managing credit agreements has always been a difficult process – but now it`s more complicated than ever. Whether you work for a company that lends money in the syndicated loan market, or for a bank, hedge fund, pension fund, insurance company, or other financial institution, LSTA`s Comprehensive Guide to Credit Agreements walks you up the curve of today`s credit landscape.