Why Beautique?

What sets this brow shaping and facial waxing apart from other techniques of hair removal?

This is a question I hear often from my new clients. For the brows I provide a very specialized technique that incorporates all aspects of your face. I start with how your hair in your brow grows. (ie.Straight up, fanned out, straight down or curly) Many people don’t realize how much this plays a part in the shape of the brow. I also incorporate the brow bone,  eye shape, nose, mouth, and overall face shape. All of these things combined gives me the map to shape the perfect brow to frame and compliment you. There is no one like you, therefore there is no other brow like yours.  I believe it is so important to have someone that understands that.

The wax I use is a specialized wax that protects against damage to the skin as the hair is removed.

There are very many options for hair removal, but there are few people who are trained visually, structurally, and technically in this service. I believe that anyone can take off your hair, but very few know how to shape the perfect brow.

Come visit Beautique and experience the expertise of brow artist Katie Crecion.