SofTap is an innovative technique that replaces the existing methods of tattooing. It is a precise, gentle way to implement color into the skin.

SofTap is a permanent cosmetic used with a specially designed hand tool. Each SofTap tattoo needle is “one time use” only, creating a safe and sanitary procedure. The hand tool needles are configured to provide the maximum penetration of pigment with minimal pain and discomfort. This technique prevents unnecessary trauma to the skin and creates an airbrushed look to the area tattooed.

The SofTap system ensures the most natural look. Each client chooses personalized hand mixed pigments that match any desired color. SofTap doesn’t involve electric machinery, so there isn’t any distracting loud noises or vibrations. This allows ultimate precision in color placement and an overall pleasant experience. This is a great alternative to the conventional tattooing.

  • Fill In $100 and up
  • Half Brow $300 and up
  • Full Brow $800 and up

*Deposit Fee $150 to be applied to full amount Tattoo service includes consultation and 1 touch up within 2 weeks